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Great How-To’s and guides to help get your designs happening 

Computer Presence Detector Project

Using the Kemet pyro to detect when you leave your computer and automatically lock it and a short time later power off the peripherals, keeping your data safe and saving power.
Auto turns monitors on and prompts for a password when you return.

Dual Motor PWM Control with Forward and Reverse Over WiFi

Step by step how to control a motor with a PWM signal via a H-bridge on an ESP8288 using a WiFi interface. Covering principles of PWM signals in software and hardware, WiFi remote control and how a H-bridge works.

Beginning in KiCAD for Windows to Design Schematics

KiCAD is a free, open-source software for designing electronic schematics and PCB layouts.
This article will guide you through the steps of installing and starting to use KiCAD to develop, document and prepare for manufacture your electronic design.

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Microcontroller Programming